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Making Earring Cards Out of Business Cards

My husband and I started a 3D earring business called Fun in 3D on Etsy recently and wanted to keep costs down. Matt read about using business cards as earring cards but struggled to find an efficient way to get the holes into the business cards. They sell small punches online that will make small enough holes but will only do a few at a time and make lining up the earrings holes challenging.

On forums, I read that some people created the holes with needles or nails but then remembered hearing about a friend of mine who cut a ream of paper with a jigsaw. This lead me to wonder if a drill press could help us with our problem. It turns out it can! The following video will show you how to use a drill press to put holes in several pieces of paper at once. The technique worked well for us.

A friend of ours was kind enough to let us borrow theirs for the task and with a 1/16 drill bit, we were able to cut through about 50 at a time. We were limited by the length of the drill bit, so I would imagine with a longer bit and lighter weight paper, one could do a larger stack of paper at a time.

Matt kept the 16 weight business cards in place with clamps and a plastic guide he 3d printed as shown above (I’d imagine a cardboard guide could work too).

I admit at first I wondered why he went to the trouble and didn’t just buy earring cards from a print shop, as we found many options on Etsy. But, he shopped around and was able to get these cards printed for around 3 cents apiece. That is 1,000 double-sided business cards, on 16 weight paper, with shipping for approximately $36.00. What a deal! Not bad considering with holes, double-sided cards would have cost us around 50 cents apiece from most of the print shops we priced out.

Wondering who he purchased from? He purchased from . He used a discount code so check out this link or simply google discounts and see what codes are available.

I hope this will help someone else looking for an inexpensive and efficient way to make holes in earring cards. Please feel free to ask any questions or let us know how this went for you in the comments below.

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