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What’s for Dinner Menu Board DIY

When I was in college I had an incredible job with the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP). This job allowed me to go into people’s homes and classrooms and teach them about basic nutrition, meal planning, and cooking. It was awesome! So many of the principles I learned and taught I still use when I grocery shop and meal plan.

This dinner board is a good way to rotate out what you’re eating and remind you of the meals you haven’t eaten for a while. It can also spark reminders of items you need to put on your grocery list in order to prepare a certain meal. I always write up a grocery list before I go to the store and meal ideas at the bottom of the list. Too often I used to buy ingredients only to forget what they were to be used to make.

I hope this apartment-friendly, DIY craft gives you a good excuse to create something and inspire you to do some meal planning!

Dinner Board Materials List:

  • Contact Paper- Dollar Tree
  • Clipboard- Dollar Tree
  • Clothespins- Dollar Tree
  • Tacky Glue- Dollar Tree
  • Twine- Dollar Tree
  • Small Wood signs – Hobby Lobby or consider making a sign from cardstock
  • Small zip ties- Dollar Tree
  • 1-2 sets of salt and pepper shakers- Dollar Tree
  • Chalkboard vinyl- Cricut Online Store
  • White acrylic paint- leftover from another craft project
  • scissors
  • Drill and small drill bit 3/32 (it needs to create a big enough hole to put zip ties through)
  • razor blade
  • Fine-tipped permanent marker
  • post-its (optional)

My inspiration for this craft came from a menu board pin I found on Pinterest.

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